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Have you ever wondered if you’re using your spot treatment correctly? Should you put it on before or after your moisturizer, or does it make a difference?

In my opinion, how you use your spot treatment actually makes a HUGE difference if your spot treatment will work well or not. In fact, if you put your spot treatment on at the wrong step, you might even risk damaging your skin.

I love watching YouTube beauty and lifestyle videos, but when I see people’s skincare routines, they’re usually applying their spot treatments all wrong! If only they switched things around, they’d get much better results.

So, if you want to make sure you’re using your spot treatment correctly, check out today’s video below.

In the video I will show you how to apply a spot treatment to help shrink and heal pimples, and prevent scarring. Plus, I also go over all my own personal do’s and dont’s when using a spot treatment, so the active ingredients really target and treat your pimples and don’t mess with the rest of your skin.

This is by far the best spot treatment I’ve found (and I’ve tried A LOT!). It’s actually a face oil, but I much prefer it as a spot treatment (it’s too strong to use all over your face). Not only is it great at getting rid of pimples, but it’s the only product I’ve used that really helps to decongest clogged pores. I get clogged pores and a few raised bumps around my nose and mouth area, and this is the only product that has made a significant difference. Just make sure to use it sparingly (and watch the video above for my application tips) because as I said, it can be strong!



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