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1. (Mainly) For Sensitive and Dull Skin:

Rose Water: No, Not the regular Rose Water that you buy from retail shops, which does nothing for your skin…

Get some Fresh Roses, maybe from your friend’s garden or a nursery, or from whatever best source you can find around you:

  • Separate the leaves carefully from the stems, wash them, and now boil at a medium heat
  • Once the water starts boiling and you see the color of the water changing, turn off your gas and let it cool down
  • Let it sit for an hour and then filter the water into a clean bottle, and refrigerate it

You can use this 100% Pure Rose Water twice a day with cotton balls to wipe your face, or mix it in your face mask, toner, scrub, etc etc…Guaranteed results in a month’s time.
2. (Mainly) For Very Oily, Acne-prone Skin:

Fresh Aloe Vera Gel and Egg Whites:

  • Mix these two things, apply it evenly on your face, and let it sit until it’s dried.
  • Use a hot moist towel to clean your face, and then wash it with fresh running cold water. Make sure the Aloe Vera is fresh, from the stem, and the Egg White is fresh as well

Repeat this twice a week, and you will notice the redness in your skin has lessened, and whiteheads will start to disappear.

3. (Mainly) For Dry and Lifeless Skin:

  • Take a Very Ripe Banana ( that looks almost black ), and Unfiltered Castor Oil or Sweet Almond Oil.
  • Mix them together well in a small cup
  • Apply all over your face twice a day, for quick results

This mask is extremely effective for a very Dehydrated and Dry Skin.
4. (Mainly) For Aging Skin:

  • Mix Vitamin E Oil (one capsule) in Plain Organic Yogurt, and add a tablespoon of Organic Flaxseed Powder
  • When you have a thick paste, apply it all over your face and neck, three times a week

Vitamin E Oil will help nourish wrinkled skin and fine lines.
Yogurt has Lactic acid, which will gently peel off the dead skin.
Flaxseed Powder will gently lift your skin without damaging it.

5. For All Skin Types:

  • Use Green Tea or Coffee to make Ice Cubes
  • Gently rub them under your eyes or all over your face. Do this every day, it especially feels very nice after a long hectic day 🙂

This remedy is super effective for dealing with Sunburn, Skin Tissue Damage, Aging, Dullness,
and many more.

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