Clean Skin Secrets


How do you get squeaky clean skin every night before you go to bed?

When I first started posting articles, one of my first posts was about the Clarisonic. And if you’re a regular reader of Your Beauty Pal, then I don’t need to tell you how much I love my Clarisonic brush.

Let’s face it, we don’t have a Clarisonic device available in India, and neither do I see it coming any time soon. But that doesn’t mean we should give up and keep following the same old ineffective routine for cleaning our faces, even after knowing it’s not doing the job properly!

Have you ever wondered why none of your expensive night creams and serums seem to be working on your skin? Or how these beauty experts and bloggers have fresh clean skin, even after using tons of makeup everyday? Well the answer is, in order for your creams to work on your skin, first you need to have super clean skin, with even cleaner pores…So How to Do It??

Last month I got 2 of these facial brushes from The Body Shop, one for me and one for my sister. I had to get her in the routine of cleaning her face with this brush rather than hands. Trust me she was so surprised the first time she used the brush, seeing all that makeup and dirt on her brush bristle after using it! She can’t live without this brush now, and she’s so happy with it!

What is it?

The Body Shop Facial Brush is a small handy brush which is designed to clean your face, leaving it dirt-free and squeaky clean. So when you apply your night creams and serums, they will work effectively.

Why is it Good?

Let me give you a small example: Do you think that, instead of using a toothbrush, if you used your fingers to clean your teeth, then your teeth will be more cleaner? Definitely NO right?!! The same concept applies to our face. Facial skin has thousands of pores, and when you apply cleansers and face wash using only your hands, unfortunately they don’t reach into your pores and clean from deep within. So the residue of makeup, pollution, and dirt stays there and clogs your pores. And then when you apply your expensive night creams or your treatment gels, none of them seems to be working!

How to use it?

The Body Shop Facial Brush is a manual brush. So, put your favorite facial cleanser or face wash on the wet bristles, and massage your face in circular motions. Use it all over your face, excluding under eye areas and eyes. Make sure you also clean your neck with it!

What it does?

1. Cleans your pores thoroughly and leaves your skin squeaky clean
2. Exfoliates and removes dead skin
3. Helps get rid of acne and acne scars
4. Skin feels softer and smoother
5. Skin care products are easily absorbed in skin and work efficiently
5. Helps prevent further breakouts and tanning

Final Words:

Unlike the Clarisonic, this is a manual brush and it comes with no timer, hence one can easily get carried away and use it more than required, which can make your skin more dry and flaky. While using this manual method, you should always remember to not overuse it. So I recommend you try to use it for around 1 minute total. And if you have very sensitive skin, then try to use it every other day.


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